The Only Choice

I am grateful again to be able to sit down and
completely immerse myself into this new topic that has
inspired me. I really enjoy the new direction that i
was directed to take concerning the mannner in which
to sequence and organise these new and reworked
assignments for the time to teach classes.

To approach an overall theme for four weeks from four
different angles i find very inspiring and enriching.
I find that i can fall deeper into the true meaning of
the central course topic that is being conveyed to me
and with which i become more comfortable and familiar.

Last week we taught the Power of Decision, this week
we couple our decision with the irreversable
recognition of the unchanging nature of this selfsame
decision. Now our minds are made aware of what the
real alternatives are.

We put a stop to the wavering and meandering of the
way in which we used our divine and all powerful
minds. Instead we are guided and reminded here to the
solid realisation that once a decision is made with
the power of heaven to uphold it,it cannot be undone.

The only 'choice' we still have is to deceive
ourselves about the nature of the alternatives and to
cover up the decision that we made long ago. Over the
nature of the outcome of our choice we have no power
since the alternatives are predetermined but we do
have to go with one or the other since everything in
between is evil.

Once again the course merely helps you to sort out the
true from the false, eternal from temporal, valueable
from valueless.
But the most important revelation and message from
this theme and this assignment is that you yourself
are delivered to the insightful experience that you
are the only one to offer and extend and manifest
this real alternative and no other than you.

We are coming clean in these lessons and for a moment
come to a halt and review the choices we have made
thus far. Let's appreciate and become powerfully aware
of our true function within and as the real
alternative itself. Allow yourself to really find
truth and recognition of your identity and true
function in this assignment, these words and this

Declare yourself:

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"


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