Happy new year. This is a new beginning. The first day
of the new year. For me it was the finest example of
feeling entirely separate and again recognizing the
only solution to be entire surrender to God and his
Love which i need in its entirety to restore me to my
own awareness of completion and wholeness. The
relinquishment of my self-identity. We even have
methods for that. One of them is called a Course In
Miracles. And for this week's topic and time to teach
assignment we will look at the exact procedures to
camcel out all interference between what we really
really want and all the ways in which we think we can
reach that goal. So what we really want has never
changed, it is now clarified at the beginning and then
the means in which the goal is realised is approached
systematically by giving up and cancelling out any
involvement with which we attempt to reach the goal. A
perfect example in which we step back and are shown
the very practical aspects of that action within our
own mind. From the pure intention of not making
decisions by ourself. I love you and which you the
best for this new year. Practice this course and you
will receive the benefits of a new day, a brand new
beginning and the means to make your happiness
consistent and permanent.
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

Love Bastiaan

New Beginning
Time to Teach

The new beginning now becomes the focus of the curriculum. The goal is clear, but now you need specific methods for attaining it. The speed by which it can be reached depends on this one thing alone; your willingness to practice every step. Each one will help a little, every time it is attempted. And together will these steps lead you from dreams of judgment to forgiving dreams and out of pain and fear. They are not new to you, but they are more ideas than rules of thought to you as yet. So now we need to practice them awhile, until they are the rules by which you live. We seek to make them habits now, so you will have them ready for whatever need.

First reading
Chapter 30 I. Rules for Decision

Second reading

Chapter 5 VII. The Decision for God

Chapter 14 III. The Decision for Guiltlessness

Chapter 31 VIII Choose Once Again

What is the new focus of this curriculum!
What are the specific methods and rules of thought for attaining the goal of this course?
What are the procedures to be followed, to give you the day you want?
What are the steps that will help you cancel out your own interference?
What agreement you are asked to make, permits all things to happen?

How exactly do you turn these ideas into rules of thought! Do it!
What makes one a true follower or disciple of Jesus?

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”


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