Hee you. I am excited to be able to give you this new assignment. We will totally focus in on the most rudimentary principles on which the miracles depend and through which they are functional.

We will start with a very available section on what is a miracle and we go on to take a close look at all the miracle principles. We will start to understand that the whole rest of the book rests on these new ideas about the way your mind really works as we learn to open our minds to this new way of thinking and living. Then you have the choice between two reading assignments that will lead you through some of these fundamental sections out of the first two chapters of the text of A Course In Miracles. I know that we don't have much time this week for the acim gather group but hopefully you get this message a little before the class. This because we have decided to bring the class to a monday and didn't want to skip one week. In this group we are still getting familiar with this particular teaching format and thanks to your willingness, openness and patience we will have a great time with the upcoming classes. The class is set on Monday 4-6pm, Central Time and 5-7 pm, Eastern Time. You go to your log in on paltalk , click on chat rooms, click on rooms, choose learning and universities, then you choose other and then you see acim gather. It would be great to see you there and hear you teach. The only requirement to teach is that you do the preparation as instructed in the assignment sheet.

Thank you for your participation in Time to Teach in whatever form that may be at the moment. Never forget that there is a deeper involvement being offered to you here in regards to your function and role as a teacher of God. And because this prayer is so perfect for this week's topic i include this in my message here. Some of youwill find it in your reading of Chapter 2VA.
You can do much on behalf of your own healing and that of others if, in a situation calling for help, you think of it this way:
I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him Who sent me. I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me. I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me. I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.
With love and dedication Bastiaan

Miracle Principles
Time to Teach
This is a course in mind training. All learning involves attention and study at some level. Some of the later parts of the course rest too heavily on these earlier sections not to require their careful study. You will also need them for preparation. Without this, you may become much too fearful of what is to come to make constructive use of it. However, as you study these earlier sections, you will begin to see some of the implications that will be amplified later on. Some of the later steps in this course, however, involve a more direct approach to God Himself. It would be unwise to start on these steps without careful preparation, or awe will be confused with fear, and the experience will be more traumatic than beatific. Healing is of God in the end. The means are being carefully explained to you. Revelation may occasionally reveal the end to you, but to reach it the means are needed.

Everyone Read
Workbook question 13. What is a Miracle? (follows lesson 340) and
Chapter 1 I. Principles of Miracles

Choose your additional reading
Chapter 1 V. Wholeness and Spirit
Chapter 1 VI. The Illusions of Needs
Chapter 1 VII. Distortions of Miracle Impulses
Chapter 2 IV. Healing as Release from Fear
Chapter 2 V. The Function of the Miracle Worker
Chapter 2 VA. Special Principles of Miracle Workers

What is a miracle?
Who and what are miracles for?
What is their main purpose?
On what level is correction made?
What do miracles express and what do they help you to recognize?

Explain the role and relevance of your body, mind and spirit!
Choose 3 up to 5 miracle principles that embody the most essential qualities of miracles. What prayer is given you to make yourself available for miracles to happen through you?

What to you is the true relevance of these early text sections?How has the study of these principles and earlier sections prepared you for the performance of miracles?

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”


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