Commencing Christmas
We are entering the Christmas season. I am making a
series of four especially on the course themes related
to the very essence of christmas. Four beatiful topics
about gratitude, giving, rebirth and the nourishment
and maturity of the Christ in you.

This week's assignment is on the attitude of
gratitude, the intention and true commencing of
christmas. To fall completely back on yourself in full
appreciation of all the blessings that have come to
you and are now and will always be with you.

Gratitude for the season in which we come into action
and step into an active recognition of who we are and
what we really can and have to give in these week's of
brotherly love. Further we are being led to an
experience of rebirth and recognize the christ child
within and as yourself. A child nourished only in
defenseless innocence and the recognition of the
unalterable state of God's Peace on earth the way it
is in Heaven.

We are definitely not going on a sidetrack just
because of the holidays but instead we are standing in
the middle of the true essence and action of Christmas
and will not avoid but enter deeper in the true
meaning and message of Jesus Christ to this place and
condition of darkness, isolation and sense of
separation. We will surrender completely to our Father
and give him all our darker feelings concerning these
days and revealed to us will be his light, joy and
happiness. All the more reason to be grateful.

With love and dedication Bastiaan

Attitude of Gratitude

Time to Teach

Today let us be thankful. We have come to gentler pathways and to smoother roads.
There is no thought of turning back, and no implacable resistance to the truth.
A bit of wavering remains, some small objections and a little hesitance,
but you can well be grateful for your gains, which are far greater than you realize.

A day devoted now to gratitude will add the benefit of some insight into the
real extent of all the gains which you have made; the gifts you have received.
Be glad today, in loving thankfulness, your Father has not left you to yourself,
nor let you wander in the dark alone. Be grateful He has saved you from the
self you thought you made to take the place of Him and His creation.
Give Him thanks today.

~ Workbook Lesson 123 p.1 and p.2 ~

Lesson 123, I thank my Father for His gifts to me


Lesson 195, Love is the way I walk in gratitude


Lesson 197, It can be but my gratitude I earn

Make a gratitude list:
Write down the gains you made and the gifts you received since you embarked upon your Course in Miracles.
Think of all the ones that crossed your path speaking and offering you saving grace!
Think of the mighty companions that go with you now and are committed to you and your awakening!
Think of all the moments where sorrow miraculously turned to joy, sickness to health, addiction to sanity and fear to love!

Who needs your gratitude the most?
How do you express gratitude?
How does God express His thanks to and through you?
How do you obtain and sustain an attitude of gratitude?

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”


Gone and back again
Hee everyone. A special for this week. I am sending
the next assignment out before the last week's theme
has even been taught in every class that is
participating in this Time to Teach program. I do this
on request of my paltalk friends who needed more than
the weekend to prepare. So please don't get confused.

The gift of grace is the last assignment of a series
of four on miracles. This week therefore we are led
into the actual experience of grace which takes place
out of time alltogether. Get a clear feel of how on
one hand you are told that the time is set in which
you are about to have this revelation and how on the
other hand it is explained how to speed up the actual
occurrence of this revelation.

An interesting question that came to me is how you can
be in total joining with your brother and God out of
time and the next moment are asked to return to this
world of space/time and to participate in it. We will
truly learn how to sustain the experience of grace by
extending our light and becoming the genuine
demonstration of this grace here on earth. This may
not be an immediate realisation for you but you are
asked to let go of everything you are so comfortable
with and that you have tried to keep away from God's
light. The only way to sustain the light that streams
and lightens your mind while you receive this grace is
to become a vehicle for it. You have to give what is
given you in order to maintain this love and joy in
your awareness.

So it is an immeasurable gift that is offered to you
here and nothing will satisfy you as fully as this
eternal gift of God to you His Son directly from out
of space and time yet a lot closer than the next body
or object that you may perceive about you.

This is you. Forget about your old self and the stuff
that you are apparently confronted with. You are given and will give
a genuine and everlasting new perspective that will
put everything in a whole new light the moment you
reenter your dream of space and time after coming back
from a direct encounter with your Creator.

Bless you and this should give you enough time to
prepare and make you revelation ready.

With love and dedication Bastiaan

Gift of
Time to Teach
And now we ask for grace, the final gift salvation can bestow. Experience that grace provides will end in time, for grace foreshadows Heaven, yet does not replace the thought of time but for a little while. The interval suffices. It is here that miracles are laid; to be returned by you from holy instants you receive, through grace in your experience, to all who see the light that lingers in your face. What is the face of Christ but his who went a moment into timelessness, and brought a clear reflection of the unity he felt an instant back to bless the world? How could you finally attain to it forever, while a part of you remains outside, unknowing, unawakened, and in need of you as witness to the truth?
Lesson 169, p.12+13~


Lesson 168 Your grace is given me. I claim it now.

Chapter 7 XI. The State of Grace



Lesson 169 By grace I live. By grace I am released.

Chapter 25 VI. The Special Function


Why is grace such a precious gift and unlike any other gift?

What is accomplished and realized through the experience of grace?
What desire calls down the gift of grace?
Is there anything you can do to prepare yourself for revelation or to speed up its advent?
How is the gift of grace sustained and kept in awareness?
What is your special function here in service of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God?

What does ‘the work’ entail?


Have you personally had the experience of revelation that Jesus presents in this reading?
If you didn’t have this experience or desire to live in a more constant state of grace what are you asked to do?

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”


Perfectly Equal
The third assignment of a time to teach series
dedicated to miracles. Called perfect equality, we
will be teaching the one and foremost principle of
miracles. Number 1 of the miracle principles:
There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is
not "harder" or "bigger" than another. They are all
the same. All expressions of love are maximal.

Principles before personalities is a saying within one
of the most wide spread and practically applied
spiritual programs in this world. We will see how one
principle like this can be effective in the whole
undoing of this world's perception. How simple is this
course and how exciting to teach it. How powerful to
be able to depend on and entirely utilize the
simplicity of the course to its uttermost reaches.

The previous weeks we looked at all the miracle
principles and the most fundamental text sections of
the Course, then we practiced and were teaching the
necessity for miracle mindtraining and became truly
miracle-minded. Now i ask you to zoom in on one of the
miracle principles and see how it is a golden thread
through the theory and practice of A Course In

Please allow this message to become personal to you.
We looking at the way your mind works not at some
external principle that rules the universe. No you do.
So can you see the value of an idea like this and how
it really helps you to reach the goal of this course
and meets your deepest desire for wholeness and
happiness. Let everything become the same not to bore
you but to set your mind free from all distinctions
and limitations.
I love you and i hope you have a great time to teach.

With love and dedication Bastiaan

Perfect Equality

Time to Teach
In this world, it is not true that anything without order of difficulties can occur. The miracle, therefore has a unique function, and is motivated by a unique Teacher Who brings the laws of another world to this one. The miracle is the one thing you can do that transcends order, being based not on differences but on equality.


Chapter 6 VA To Have Give All to All
Chapter 17 I Bringing Fantasy to Truth

Chapter 14 X The Equality of Miracles
Chapter 7 IV Healing as the Recognition of Truth

Where, how and why do you establish order of difficulties?
What keeps the belief in order of difficulties in place?
How can they be avoided and undone?
Why is perfect equality such an important principle in the light of performing miracles?
How does it help to undo the world’s perception?


Please explain why this principle makes the mind-training effective?

How did or do you come to realize perfect equality in all your relations to your brothers, Master Teacher, Jesus and God?

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”


Miracle Mindtraining

Hee everyone. I am very early sending this new
assignment to you. This way you will have two or three
days to prepare for the time to teach class on paltalk
we will do the same topic for the class at the academy
and for the groups in Venezuela and other countries i
hope you also teach this topic so that we are all on
the same topic.
This week's assignment is called Miracle Minded. It is
not the same as the one from last week. I changed the
title for last week's class to "Miracle Principles".
So the first attachment is the new assignment and the
second attachment is last week's assignment which i
changed just a little so that this becomes a series of
four assignments on miracles.
After having carefully studied the Miracle Principles
and the earlier sections from the text of A Course In
Miracles this week we will be very practical and
discilpined in practicing a couple of workbooklessons
on miracles and look closely at how the lessons help
us to become truly miracle minded and how they assist
us to be consistent in our experience of miracles in
our day to day life.
Let it be a new and completely fresh involvement of
your mind in these miraculous mind training lessons.
That it may expand your understanding and increase
your ability to teach the importance of the mind
discipline offered to and especially designed for us.
I love you and i will see you.

With all my love and dedication Bastiaan

Miracle Minded
Time to Teach
This is the miracle of creation; that it is one forever. Every miracle you offer to the Son of God is but the true perception of one aspect of the whole. Though every aspect is the whole, you cannot know this until you see that every aspect is the same, perceived in the same light and therefore one. Everyone seen without the past thus brings you nearer to the end of time by bringing healed and healing sight into the darkness, and enabling the world to see. For light must come into the darkened world to make Christ's vision possible even here. Help Him to give His gift of light to all who think they wander in the darkness, and let Him gather them into His quiet sight that makes them one.

Everyone Read
Introduction to the Workbook

Practice and Read
Lesson 77 I am entitled to miracles
Lesson 78 Let miracles replace all grievance

Chapter 30 VIII. Changeless Reality


Lesson 91 Miracles are seen in light

Lesson 92 Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one
Chapter 13 VIII. From Perception to Knowledge


Lesson 159 I give the miracles I have received
Chapter 25 IX. The Justice of Heaven

What are the general rules and guidelines for practice of each and every lesson in the workbook?
For each of the lessons that you chose from the list above, determine the following:
*The goal and aim of the exercises.
*The manner in which it brings you in touch with what you really want.
*How it reminds you of who you are and what you are here to do.
*To what extent you are responsible for the outcome of the practice.*The proper attitude for applying the lesson(s).
*How it helps you to maintain a state of miracle readiness/awareness.
*The unique nature and quality of this particular lesson.

How much of the outcome of the lesson depends on your faith, willingness and discipline, how much on a power greater than yourself.
What is the true value of these miracle mind training lessons?

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”


Hee you. I am excited to be able to give you this new assignment. We will totally focus in on the most rudimentary principles on which the miracles depend and through which they are functional.

We will start with a very available section on what is a miracle and we go on to take a close look at all the miracle principles. We will start to understand that the whole rest of the book rests on these new ideas about the way your mind really works as we learn to open our minds to this new way of thinking and living. Then you have the choice between two reading assignments that will lead you through some of these fundamental sections out of the first two chapters of the text of A Course In Miracles. I know that we don't have much time this week for the acim gather group but hopefully you get this message a little before the class. This because we have decided to bring the class to a monday and didn't want to skip one week. In this group we are still getting familiar with this particular teaching format and thanks to your willingness, openness and patience we will have a great time with the upcoming classes. The class is set on Monday 4-6pm, Central Time and 5-7 pm, Eastern Time. You go to your log in on paltalk , click on chat rooms, click on rooms, choose learning and universities, then you choose other and then you see acim gather. It would be great to see you there and hear you teach. The only requirement to teach is that you do the preparation as instructed in the assignment sheet.

Thank you for your participation in Time to Teach in whatever form that may be at the moment. Never forget that there is a deeper involvement being offered to you here in regards to your function and role as a teacher of God. And because this prayer is so perfect for this week's topic i include this in my message here. Some of youwill find it in your reading of Chapter 2VA.
You can do much on behalf of your own healing and that of others if, in a situation calling for help, you think of it this way:
I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him Who sent me. I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me. I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me. I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.
With love and dedication Bastiaan

Miracle Principles
Time to Teach
This is a course in mind training. All learning involves attention and study at some level. Some of the later parts of the course rest too heavily on these earlier sections not to require their careful study. You will also need them for preparation. Without this, you may become much too fearful of what is to come to make constructive use of it. However, as you study these earlier sections, you will begin to see some of the implications that will be amplified later on. Some of the later steps in this course, however, involve a more direct approach to God Himself. It would be unwise to start on these steps without careful preparation, or awe will be confused with fear, and the experience will be more traumatic than beatific. Healing is of God in the end. The means are being carefully explained to you. Revelation may occasionally reveal the end to you, but to reach it the means are needed.

Everyone Read
Workbook question 13. What is a Miracle? (follows lesson 340) and
Chapter 1 I. Principles of Miracles

Choose your additional reading
Chapter 1 V. Wholeness and Spirit
Chapter 1 VI. The Illusions of Needs
Chapter 1 VII. Distortions of Miracle Impulses
Chapter 2 IV. Healing as Release from Fear
Chapter 2 V. The Function of the Miracle Worker
Chapter 2 VA. Special Principles of Miracle Workers

What is a miracle?
Who and what are miracles for?
What is their main purpose?
On what level is correction made?
What do miracles express and what do they help you to recognize?

Explain the role and relevance of your body, mind and spirit!
Choose 3 up to 5 miracle principles that embody the most essential qualities of miracles. What prayer is given you to make yourself available for miracles to happen through you?

What to you is the true relevance of these early text sections?How has the study of these principles and earlier sections prepared you for the performance of miracles?

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”

Stepping into the Holy Instant

This week we will look at some great sections in the
course dealing with special relationships and really
stepping in the Holy Instant. It completely follows
on the topic from last week the immediacy of
The holy instant is a true experience where your mind
is restored to its actual and ever present state of
worthiness in the sight of God and His and yours
loving universe. When you read this you will be
brought back to the realisation and the confrontation
of the exact working of your mind in its judgment and
all the differences your mind constantly makes up to
divide and split yourself off from all that is real.

I love you and thanks for your dedication and
willingness to try something new and to come into the
realisation of how powerful and limitlessly liberating
it is to be a teacher of God.
With Love and Dedication Bastiaan

Holy Instant
Time to Teach
The holy instant is nothing more than a special case, or an extreme example, of what every situation is meant to be. The meaning that the Holy Spirit's purpose has given it is also given to every situation. It calls forth just the same suspension of faithlessness, withheld and left unused, that faith might answer to the call of truth. The holy instant is the shining example, the clear and unequivocal demonstration of the meaning of every relationship and every situation, seen as a whole. Faith has accepted every aspect of the situation, and faithlessness has not forced any exclusion on it. It is a situation of perfect peace, simply because you have let it be what it is.


Chapter 15 V. The Holy Instant and Special Relationships
Chapter 15 VI. The Holy Instant and the Laws of God
Chapter 15 IX. The Holy Instant and the Attraction of God

Chapter 16 VII. The End of Illusions
Chapter 17 VIII. The Conditions of Peace
Chapter 26 V. The Little Hindrance

What is a holy instant?

What exactly makes an instant holy?
Are you able to experience an unholy instant?
Is it possible for every relationship and every situation to be or become holy? How?
What is the true function of the Holy Instant?

How do you avail yourself of the holy instant in the practice of it?

Introduce us to this holy instant!

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”