Will to be Free.
The title of this week's class commands you to use your free will in its truest application. Free will in its real sense has to be the will that leads you to the experience of freedom. A will that leads to conflict, confusion, pain can therefore not be your free will. The problem again is thinking that we actually have a real choice and can select what it is we prefer to experience. How great to discover the simplicity of recognizing that there is only one true will with any true direction and such is the will to be free. Once you experience this will to be ultimately and intimately your own, you will find the joy and freedom that God wills for you. You will automatically become grateful. With the burden of your self-assumed responsibility released and your perceived need to sacrifice yourself now being removed from your mind, your mind is singular, focused, happy, conflict free and at peace.Just read these sections that i give you for this week,answer the questions and discover the power of your mind. You will see that you no longer have to resist or rebel against a will you perceived other than your own. You will find the space in your mind that is open for this moment of realisation. Your heart is whole and wants to love and anticipates the present as a unified time and space instant in which it can give itself fully. Ask the eagle about the ways of freedom, allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to teach you. Discover and commit yourself to the will that leads to this selfsame experience. Now you are the teacher of the liberation; so universally sought and desired. Be you free in your mind and with heart. Will to be Free.

With all my love and light Bastiaan


At Tuesday, October 10, 2006, Blogger Time to Teach said...

Great incredibel. You finally restored my mind to its lost sense of freedom. Feel free to share your inspiration or experience in relation to the subjects posted with me here. Love Bastiaan


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