A Little Willingness

Time to Teach
Trust not your good intentions. They are not enough. But trust implicitly your willingness, whatever else may enter. Concentrate only on this, and be not disturbed that shadows surround it. That is why you came. If you could come without them you would not need the holy instant. Come to it not in arrogance, assuming that you must achieve the state its coming brings with it. The miracle of the holy instant lies in your willingness to let it be what it is. And in your willingness for this lies also your acceptance of yourself as you were meant to be.


Chapter 18 IV. The Little Willingness
Chapter 18 V. The Happy Dream

Chapter 11 II. The Invitation to Healing Chapter
21 II. The Responsibility for Sight

Explain the connection between determination and willingness! What is my difficulty in allowing myself to experience a moment of reality and the recognition of who and what I am? Look honestly at how you are still trying to assert, prepare or purify yourself for the Holy Instant? Where does my willingness really come from and what is it for? What power needs to be recognized and appreciated to have your world of perception be transformed into vision and the experience of knowledge? Does a little willingness imply a partial responsibility for the condition I find myself in? What is humility if you look at the way in which the roles are divided between you and God? Presentation Explain the action in your mind that will lead you from a situation based on error to one of holiness?

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”


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