Opening the Altar to Atonement.
Hello. Another week of teaching and practice of A Course In Miracles. Last week we were looking at what we find at the heart or essence of healing. What does really occur during the healing moment? This week we look at the foundation of healing. What makes it possible for healing to occur at all.

Let's try to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the Atonement! What does this really mean as a word, a symbol and an experience! Look at the old christian interpretation and misinterpretation of the word and its use/misuse. Then see what it really means now that the experience of it is right at your doorstep through Jesus' offering of A Course In Miracles and his unmistakable clarity and reasonability.

Now you are told to merely accept the Atonement for yourself. That takes the whole load off of it. Accept what already is accomplished. Accept that which Jesus in relationship to our Creator already accepted and prepared for us. Let us realise and appreciate his role in the Atonement and become more aware of our personal role within the broader plan of Atonement.

For teaching purposes i will ask you to use an analogy to explain the idea ofAtonement, because it is such an abstract concept and truly embodies a genuine experience waiting for your acceptance.

How incredible the selection of lessons and text are for this week's assignment. I am truly amazed at the mastership of this document. It does not leave anything or anyone out of its expression and is completely unfailing in its aim and its divine purpose to guide us to the recognition of our perfect Self created in the realm of eternal life. Let us stand still in this place and accept our true identity and function within God's creation and subsequently get a feel and understanding of your mission here on earth.

"No one who has become a true and dedicated teacher ofGod forgets his brothers. Yet what he can offer them is limited by what he learns himself. Then turn to one who laid all limits by , and went beyond the farthest reach of learning. He will take you with him, for he did not go alone. And you were with him then, as you are now."

Love Bastiaan


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