Picking up on the newly produced video of Master
Teacher i took the opportunity to teach solely from
the Sermon on the Mount this week.

The assignment includes some research and inquiry to
help you approach this theme. I hope it will lead you
to a deeper personal encounter with the most famous
sermon of all times representing the entire doctrine
of true christian faith.

Feel free to put it right next to your Course in
Miracles book and see how the sermon touches all major
themes of the way, truth and life. It calls on you to
take and realize your full responsibility, restores
you to the power of the mind and urges you to
relinquish all judgment leading to singular vision and
the experience of the real world.

Keep it light.
Love Bastiaan

Sermon on the Mount

Time to Teach
A biblical collection of religious teachings and ethical sayings of Jesus of Nazareth, as found in Matthew, chapters 5–7. The sermon was addressed to disciples and a large crowd of listeners to guide them in a life of discipline based on a new law of love, even to enemies, as opposed to the old law of retribution.

Find out the true meaning and purpose of a Sermon?
Is the Sermon on the Mount one whole entire speech or a collection of all his most fundamental teachings in one all-encompassing doctrine?

Matthew 5, 6 and 7

Why do you think is this the most famous sermon ever held?
How is it structured and what does it address?
How exactly does it grab you and bring you into the core of the Christian teaching?
Does it leave much space for misinterpretation?
What is the reversal or conversion that this Sermon brings about in you?

Choose 2 or 3 statements from the Sermon that strike a strong chord with you and with which you can truly relate through your own recent experiences!
How does the Sermon unlock the doors to power and freedom?

Have a great experience, love Bastiaan

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”


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