Workbook Intensive
the light of the world
You may complain that this course is not sufficiently specific for you to understand and use. Yet perhaps you have not done what it specifically advocates. This is not a course in the play of ideas, but in their practical application.

First read the whole lesson through before you do the actual exercise(s). Read out loud, and alternate the reader for each lesson.Then go back to the beginning of the exercise period and practice for the exact time you are asked to. For lesson 61, 62 and 63 take 5 minutes to practice the exercises. Look at your watch or the clock to keep track of the time for each practice period. Practice individually and if you forget the specific instructions just reread them quietly to yourself, relax cause you have plenty of time.Feel free to softly pronounce the central or your associated ideasas long as you don’t disturb members from your group during their practice.After the time for your extended practice is up, move right along to the next lesson. The next person reads and then enter the next exercise period etc.Go around the group until all the lessons are done.Shortly read out and answer the questions listed below with your group and come up with suggestions to change or improve the format for today’s intensive mind-training practice.

Was one and a half hour enough, too much or not enough, to work through all the lessons?
Did you feel safe and secure to read the lesson(s) out loud and to expose yourself within the group?
Do you have any ideas with which to improve the particular mind-training practice we did today?
Think of the time element, available assistance, the specific manner in which we practice the lessons, the order of events, the instruction before/during and after the practice etc.

I know you will have a great experience with these lessons that bring you directly to your true function as the light of the world.
With love and dedication, Bastiaan


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