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Dream World

He came again and found them sleeping, for their eyes were heavy.
And he left them and went away again and prayed the third time, and he said the same word.
Then he came to his disciples and said to them, Sleep from now on and get your rest; behold the hour has come, and the Son of man will be delivered into the hands of sinners.
Matthew Chap. 26 - 43,44,45.

The theme of this week’s assignment is: the transition from being first-aware that you are dreaming, to the waking moment of the escape from the dream.

A. Chapter 18 II The Basis of the Dream,
Lesson 140 Only salvation can be said to cure. Why does only salvation cure?
Workbook 7. What is the Holy Spirit?

What is the dreams’ origin? What pervades the dreamworld? What do dreams show you? How do you attempt to make your sleeping dreams come true? How does the Holy Spirit use your dreams?
How will the H.S. gap the bridge between dreams and reality?

B. Chapter 29 IV Dream Roles
Lesson 137 When I am healed....
Workbook 5 What is the Body?

What is that makes dreams, dreams?
What is the material of dreams?
How are dreams escaped?
What always causes and justifies your attack?
From what do your fears arise?
Why is the core of the Holy Spirit’s dream different from yours?
What is your brother really for?
What is the dream’s opposite?
How does the body function within the dream?
Where is every dream born?
Where does your safety and salvation lie?

What is the World?
What does the world symbolize?
What must we do to save it?

Talk about your awareness of the dream you are dreaming.
Talk about your awareness of the real world.

“I am the Way, the Truth, the Life” Love Andy


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