Hereby i want to post the last two week's practices we did at the academy. We tried them out and they really work and were real eye and mind openers. If you are serious and join your efforts with one or more that you gather for this practice you will be amazed at the results that honest and sincere practice of these lessons will bring. Practice them exactly as they are laid out for you and structured to guide you along the way in which to come to a new experience, an entirely all-encompassing vision and recognition of your Self through the works of forgiveness, decision-making, declarations, vigilance and repetition of these ideas that are vital to an effective change of the world. They are effective in the sense that trhe world changes as a direct outcome of the genuine change that will take place in your mind. What was most noticable to us who practiced during these intensive classes i held here at the academy was the infinite possibilities for the expansion of our minds that was facilitated by taking and allowing the exact period of time that is suggested to go through the exact sequence of exercises as they are described in each of the lessons. If you do decide to take the exact time in which to do them you will see miracles happen.

Structure and Spontaneity
I would like to take this opportunity to give you my spontaneous view and understanding of how Jesus structured these lessons and the personal and impeccable manner in which these exercises represent him as the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is entirely present with you in his facilitation of the training of your most precious and all powerful mind.

To write this essay i looked closely at the manner in which the lesson sequence 73 up to lesson 78 is structured.
I will give you a brief description of each element that i discovered in most of these lessons and i trust and belief them to be part of the way that each lesson in the workbook is designed to bring about the change of our minds. After you read through this essay and you want to go in deeper, read some of the sections from the course that i refer to in this essay.

Total picture
Within the starting paragraph(s) of some of the lessons or somewhere during the reading that leads up to the practice you are reminded of the relationship and relevance of the previous lessons to the lesson of this day. At some stages during the sequence of lessons you and are made aware of the relationship of today's lesson to the lessons that are to come especially concerning the form of practice that is projected for a cluster of lessons.

Jesus will do everything to tie in whatever elements are relevant for the stage of practice that you are in at present. Anything that is irrelevant and might cause distraction is wisely left out. A theoretical foundation such as the text provides is necessary to make the exercises in this workbook meaningful. It is in doing these lessons however in which the goal of this course is accomplished. The exercises are the means to accomplish the goal of this course. So in the workbook we are only concerned with efficiency and the direct application of all aspects of our mind.

Setting the goal
In a one-liner in one of the beginning paragraphs of each lesson you will find a simple statement of the exact aim of that particular lesson. In order for the lesson to be most effective the goal has to be stated and agreed upon at the outset. Like he says in the section as paraphrased above is that without setting the goal at the beginning of any undertaking stuff just seems to happen without any apparent reason and without you having had any say in what the outcome is going to be. Remember that we are training ourselves to be mindful and not merely passive actors or reactors to a scheme of things, situations and people beyond our grasp and control. Our minds are very active and therefore need to fall under clearcut direction and guidance provided for us in these mind-training lessons.

~Setting the Goal(Ch.17VI) ~

Identity and function
During the introduction of the lesson you will often be reminded of your Identity and the function that you are asked to fulfill.
So that in accordance with the goal of the lesson and its exercises you are reminded who you are and what you are here to do. Positive statements about yourself and the function that you automatically fulfil once you recognize who you are, will bring you in more fully and wholeheartedly. We are making real attempts at salvation and therefore you need to be brought in with your hands and feet, your heart and soul.

During the following paragraphs that lead up to the actual longer practice period Jesus will make you look very closely and clearly at what it is you really want. He frees up your mind from all the obscurity with which you cloud it. Through reason and self-reflective and rhetoric questions he will quickly lead you to a singular and natural application of the power that your mind represents.

~The function of reason(CH.21V) ~

Acceptance of responsibility
Every lesson has an element in it where you are presented with the responsibility of being the sole cause of every situation, emotion and experience that you encounter and the liberating fact that you are not delivered to outside conditions or factors for your own well-being or that of others. In a gentle yet incessant manner are you made aware that you determine the outcome of any situation, the whole way in which you see yourself, the personalities all about you and the world around you. In this mind-training you will become increasingly conscious of the fact that nothing takes place outside your mind and as you practice you are making your dedication to an altar that exists within you, an altar so holy that it needs to be treated and approached with the uttermost respect and care. For the desired outcome of true peace and joy you will find your mind has to be placed at the service, divine guidance and direction of our Source and the one who thought of us at first our one and true Father who is in Heaven.

~Responsibility for Sight (Ch.21 II) ~
~Reversal of effect and cause (Ch28II) ~

Proper attitude
Desciption of the proper attitude during the actual exercises.
You will be told what your role is in the exercises and what the proper attitude is for doing them. You will always be surprised at how little is required of you. Never will you be asked to sacrifice anything that is dear to you. Always will more be added unto by honestly and sincerely practicing these exercises.

~The Little Willingness (Ch.18 IV) ~

Specific Instructions
For the longer practice period you will find nothing short of a script that will lead you through the actual practice of the exercise, here you are told exactly what to do during the time that you set aside for practice.
The exercises are done through repetition of the central idea in several related forms to ensure the total transfer of today's idea to transform you perception of yourself, 'others' and the world leading you to a whole new experience of your self in direct relationship with God. During these exercises all means are geared towards the accomplishment of the goal as stated earlier in that lesson. Sometimes you are asked to take a certain inventory concerning grievances or laws that you set up for yourself. Sometimes you are asked to visualize your enemy and to see him transformed before your spiritual eye. Other times you will be asked to freely associate and add ideas of your own to strengthen your involvement with the central statement that preceded this task. Whatever it is you are asked to do, you are led step by step to the exact universal experience that is aimed for.

~Introduction to the Workbook (page 1 Workbook) ~

Life saving decisions
After setting the goal, remembering who you are and what you do here, having listened to the voice of reason, aware of your responsibility, with the proper attitude and under direct and specific instructions we are led to make life-saving decision(s).

At this point you will be urged to realise how much the outcome of the state of universal affairs is dependent upon your personal determination and perseverance to apply the power of your mind to make utterly simple but vital decisions. Your mind is brought into alignment with God's will. Never ever however does Jesus skip over the preliminary step of showing you that what God wills for you is in complete concordance with what you want for yourself and for which you expressed your allegiance earlier in all honesty and with sincere desire. Now you are ready to make the apparent and obvious decisions without hesitation or doubt within your heart. You always choose God, to be who you are and to do what you are designed to do in your creative function.

~Rules for Decision (Ch.30 I) ~

Divine assistance
To ensure the desired outcome that is aimed for during these exercises, a call for help is made. You are gently motivated to invite a power greater than your self to come to your aide. You will now ask for divine assistance to enter exactly at the place and time you have just set up to apply your mind to practice these exercises. Now that you have set the ball rolling and are actively involved in the first phase of the exercise you find yourself ready and willing to bring in the power of God, Jesus and/or the always supporting helping hand of the Holy Spirit. This way you will unite your desire with the power of the universe to guarantee success in accomplishing this world's salvation and to bring about fulfillment of the part that was assigned to you in God's plan for salvation.

~The Power of holiness (Ch. 16 II) ~

*Shorter practice
At the end of each longer practice period you will be asked to continue your practice through predetermined intervals during the rest of the day. This is the maintainance phase of your practice. What use would it be to set aside 5 up to 30 minutes a day for a longer practice when for the rest of the day you will be lost in worldly and bodily affairs. In these shorter periods of your practice you are asked to repeat the ideas for the day in a structured and consistent manner. You are told that these exercises will help you to stay clear of situations that you tend to react to in certain habitual manners. You are asked to be vigilant all through the day not to react to situations that used to call forth grievances, guilt-ridden emotions or fearful avoidance.

The ideas that are given you for that day will come in place of your conditioned behaviors and habitual thought-patterns. You will learn to make positive all-encompassing statements about your reality instead. Statements that you share with God and everything that is a part of what He created.

You are literally saved through the repetition of the most simple and clear-cut one-liners in the face of the most baffling, head-crunching and heart-breaking situations.You will be asked and instructed to continue to make these personal declarations to yourself, God and to others. You speak the words of truth concerning your true identity and thereby you assert your true will and put to work the forces of the universe that work together towards the good of everyone and everything during the rest of your day. These declarations are all-powerful and Jesus knows it. He asks for your active cooperation in governing God's universe.

~The reward of teaching (CH.16 III)~

I hope you feel more motivated to do the lessons that I clustered together for the Workbook Intensive classes and for the continual practice of the lessons as you are asked to do them one a day. I hope you will be as inspired as I am by the simple exercises in alert meditation and prayer which these lessons really are.

With love and dedication Bastiaan.

I posted the actual assignments right below this post.


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