Hello everyone. It's me Bastiaan. There has been a new development around Time to Teach and that is why you haven't received any messages the last two weeks. Time to Teach is branching off in two directions. On the one hand we will continue with Time to Teach as a teacher initiative that evolves around a certain theme/topic with its necessary preparation, self-reflective inquiry and concluding presentation. A good friend of mine and committed Teacher of A Course in Miracles in his dedication and recognition of the inspiring and joyful manner in which Time to Teach helps one to come into the certainty as a Teacher of God, has taken on the responsibility of continuing this teach and learning program. So if you would like to keep receiving new Time to Teach assignments please send an E-mail to>Andy@cardhappy.com. My own personal direction as a Teacher has altered and deepened a little. It was time for me to let go of the particular format in which i presented myself as a teacher because i felt it was time to let something new come in. And very exciting it is indeed to open up the space in my mind and let God come in deeper, more personal and direct. I made a connection with Josh one of our msot inspiring teachers here at the academy. He has been doing a mind-training class every monday with a group of student/teachers. I recognized ever since his first class the importance of facilitating this mind-training, since it is the exact work that is asked of us as followers and disciples of Jesus. To do the work that God requires is to believe in the one that He sent. And Jesus says that our mind is entirely undisciplined and needs to train itself to think in a entirely different manner in order to accomplish anything. A Course in Miracles is a required course and only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will is a deeply cherished human illusion. My will is God's will. His will for me is to be happy. The way that i allowed my mind to wander in the past was the cause of all my pain, unhappiness and depression. The key is in training my mind in a serious and dedicated way. Not to get away with>believing i read a lesson real quick in the morning>just to depend on external things again right after>that half-hearted moment where i read an incredible>idea and having it merely be part of my short term>memory during that day. I recognized it is time to>apply my mind and i like to invite you to join me in a>structured and committed format to come together and>expose our thinking to the corrective and>revolutionairy format in which Jesus our Master leads>us into an inevitable and extremely natural and joyful>experience of the purest light that we represent.>I am really excited and i hope you will join me in>this adventure into, in, within our own precious mind.>>So practically i will send you the mind-training>lesson every week unless you send me a message to get>off my list. You will not get the Time to teach>assignment unless you send Andy a quick message with>your Name and E-mail adress. An exception are the>brother's here at the academy who already requested to>receive the new assignments from him. The assignments>that are to comr are either newly developed, corrected>and improved or previously published assignments. We>will also be working on a book that will contain a the>whole curriculum of Time to Teach A Course in Miracles>assignments and a website that will facilitate Time to>Teach in a much broader way. Those are projects in the>make.>>Both programs work hand in hand and are one and the>same. One is a little more towards understanding and>undergoing of the experience through the theoretical>approach offered to us in the text, lessons, manual>for teachers, new testament and other related articles>and the other is purely the mind-training intensive>directed towards the actual work of practicing the>lessons in different formats and settings. This world>will change through you and no other means can save>it.>In love and dedication Bastiaan


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