Last week's theme was to "Follow
in the Way". We read from John 13 up to 17 where
Jesus instructs his disciples. Preparing them and you
for the responsibility to be among the Savior's of the
world. This week it came in for me to deal with the
positive interpretation and true message that is
waiting to be received by us when we open our minds
enough to look at the crucifixion experience that
Jesus underwent.
We might just find out that there is more to learn
than meets the eye.
The Message of the Crucifixion is to choose Jesus'
side of the story which is a lot more amazing in its
wisdom and depth of experience than doing away with it
by saying he died for our sins or that the crucifixion
was some useless journey. As Jesus says there is
always a crucial lesson to learn. Use me. Make
constructive use of my experience so you can save
yourself a lot of time and effort. Look
at how this single experience supports his
entire teaching and all the golden rules, principles and commands
commands around which his faith is built and in which your
faith and therefore your whole experience of transformation
can flourish in your transition from human
being to a divine realisation. To do the work is to
be always self-reflective, to expose your thoughts and
to allow to let the spirit of God work with you. The
only perspective you really need, the only reference
you should use to be truly happy is God's. Your
relationship with Him is the only thing that really
matters, since He makes everything that you ask for
So look with Christ eyes and love in your heart and
see everything you thought was evil transform in a
endless number of possibilities to heal and offer
salvation. Do not observe or judge the ones you think
are responsible for your suffering. Instead take up the
cross and let the suffering convert in a single pillar
of certainty that you represent in your atonement with
your Source, your Father who is in Heaven and
available to you in all circumstances under which you
feel weighed down and burdened. Be free, take
yourself off the cross. Learn how not to give in to
situations that habitually catch you off guard and
gain power and increasing hold over you. Be free in
the realisation that what is real can not be
threatened and what is unreal doesn't exist. Herein
lies the peace of God.
So check out the blog. There is not a whole lot to
read but the questions are really designed to help you
to have a valuable experience with the message that
the crucifixion holds in your store.

With Love and Dedication Bastiaan Berende


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