Hello there. Can you hear me? A week devoted now to gratitude. To really take the time to see how far you have come along this road to your salvation.
A great opportunity to make a list of your gains and the gifts that have been given you by God and that have never since left you. To become solid as a rock through the
realisation that you haven't lost anything, that you didn't have to sacrifice or exchange anything that is really part of you in order to change your ways and
walk with God.

I took this opportunity to express my own personal gratitude for what has happened to me and how far i have come. I will list some of the gains and gifts i recognize i have received and tell you of my faith, dedication and belief in the possibility and therefore the fact that there is always more in store the further you dare to step back and become ready to receive your inheritance. I came to understand that a
lot less is asked of you that you might think.

Now looking at my own experience i am starting to recognize that a lot more is possible than the allowances i made for myself. A greater freedom has come to me and it doesn't ever stop and in fact cannot stop expanding.

First of all i have become consistently happy. That was one of the things i would never allow myself to be all the time. What i used to do was to attempt in many
different ways to suppress and therefore avoid my inherent depression of not knowing who i really was and what i came here to do. As a teacher of God now, i have recognized my true function and it is what my life has become because that is the only thing it can be. I am designed and created as a expression or extension of God. There are no objectives. Everything has started to express itself through me as itself.

No-where is there a separation between what i do and what it is I am. I am grateful for the thousands of corrections i have received and for having become willing and open to accept and integrate these corrections through a discipline of constantly being undone and reborn. Which is not the road most travelled in this world. My identity is no longer mainly concerned with how i present myself as a body or what it is i do and attract to my body.

My achievements, self-assertion, attempts at being different, original and better than others are not my main priority or purpose anymore. My new purpose is to
communicate with you, to join with you, to work together with you in the truth of what we truly are and the function we happily fulfill. We do this through standing next to each other in the light of who we are. I am now finally able to work together
with others in honesty and without a hidden agenda.

I lost my guilt-ridden self, most of my arrogance and false humility. I stopped loathing, hating and attacking my self and therefore others. I have taken a more permanent vacation from my false identity and lost my deep sense of unworthiness. My relations with my closest family members have become conflict-free and transformed to such a level that i am no longer in a guilt-association with my own flesh and blood.

I am grateful for finding and being re'member'ed among the ranks of the Saviors of this world, a legion of 'old' friends, companions, loved-ones, brothers and sisters in Christ. Completely being themselves they allow me to be who I am and express myself in a glorious and powerfully free manner. In my daily life of service as well as the times that are devoted towards making direct contact with my Creator i find more and more of this freedom of self-expression.

My mind has become very active and released from my passive and victimized attitude towards life. I have become a lot more interested in others and their well-being. I mostly lost my pre-occupation with selfish concerns and worries. I am learning to do the things i want to do more freely and i found out they are exactly the things that God wills me to do. He wants me to be happy and to happily fulfill my function.

The notion of sacrifice doesn't exist in my life anymore. The thing i might be most grateful for is the appearance and continual appearance of Jesus in my Life in all the forms he took and takes that are most recognizable to me at the given time. Thank you for receiving my declaration of gratitude. I could go on for a little while but have to keep it short.
I am consistently exposed to the light through my commitment and personal dedication to be the Way the Truth and the Life.

Love Bastiaan


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