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A day devoted now to gratitude will add the benefit of some insight into the real extent of all the gains which you have made; the gifts you have received. Be glad today, in loving thankfulness, your Father has not left you to yourself, nor let you wander in the dark alone. Be grateful He has saved you from the self you thought you made to take the place of Him and His creation. Give Him thanks today.

Lesson 123 I thank my Father for His gifts to me
Lesson 195 Love is the Way I walk in gratitude
Lesson 197 It can be but my gratitude I earn

List all the gains you made and the gifts you received ever since you embarked upon your Course in Miracles!
Think of all the ones that crossed your path speaking and offering you saving grace!
Think of all the moments where sorrow miraculously turned to joy, sickness to health, addiction to sanity and fear to love!

Who is in need of your gratitude the most?
How does God express His thanks?
What choice guarantees you the experience of gratitude?
How can you increase your thankfulness?

Since the theme of all our newsletters this month is gratitude, I would like to ask you to take a pen and a piece of paper or to open a new document and write a short piece of 3, 4 paragraphs to a maximum of one and a half page.

Describe in a tangible way the miracle of the changes that occurred in your life. Offer a genuine and personal reference to whomever might be reading your declaration of gratitude. If you finish before wednesday please sent your piece to
submissions@acimi.com. Then it will be published in one of our newsletters.

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"


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