Waking from Disaster

A brother separated from yourself, an ancient enemy, a murderer who stalks you in the night and plots your death, yet plans that it be lingering and slow; of this you dream. Yet underneath this dream is yet another, in which you become the murderer, the secret enemy, the scavenger and the destroyer of your brother and the world alike. Here is the cause of suffering, the space between your little dreams and your reality. The little gap you do not even see, the birthplace of illusions and of fear, the time of terror and of ancient hate, the instant of disaster, all are here. Here is the cause of unreality. And it is here that it will be undone.

Lesson 14 God did not create a meaningless world
Chapter 29 IV Dream Roles

Lesson 185 I want the Peace of God
Chapter 28 V The Alternate to Dreams of Fear

Lesson 198 Only my condemnation injures me
Chapter 27 VII The Dreamer of the Dream

What is it that defines the human “separate” condition?
Is there a middleground between the devastating experience of disaster and the recognition of perfection?
Where does disaster seem to take place at first glance?
How are we led to redirect our steps towards self-responsibility?
What is it that pervades all dreams?
How is fear replaced by love?
In what manner can and do you help ‘others’ to heal and awake from the dream of disaster?

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"


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