The Rhythm of Reality

If you do the lessons of A Course in Miracles with effort and great willingness to see an alternative to your present condition, you will experience an alternative. This is a miraculous undertaking with miraculous results. What other text can make such a claim? The question arises, how can such an illumination occur? How can the language, how can the words on a page, effect an illumination of my mind?

First reading
The introduction to Michael Russel’s book the “Rhythm and Reason of Reality” as I posted it below.

Second reading
The first Chapter of Ray Comeau’s book “Through a Mirror Brightly.”This chapter is titled Breath, Word, Thought, Sound. The Voice for God.

What is iambic pentameter and what is blank verse?
In what manner does Jesus use prose or poetry to communicate his message?

How do you experience the difference between a sentence spoken in truth or one spoken from a grievance or from habitual thinking?

How does language, the words on a page effect an illumination of your mind?
Why is both content and structure of a sentence essential to give and receive a message of light?How is breath both symbolic and instrumental for the effective deliverance of God’s message?Demonstrate and explain both the power of thought and the power of the spoken word.
How much does what you choose to express lead up to what it is you experience?
What does the tone of your voice convey about your attitude and about what it is you teach beyond the concepts?
Why is it so valuable to voice your thoughts?
What is your vocation?


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