Message of the CRUCIFIXION

You are not asked to be crucified, which was part of my own teaching contribution. You are merely asked to follow my example in the face of much less extreme temptations to misperceive, and not to accept them falsely as justifications for anger.
The message of the crucifixion is perfectly clear:
“Teach only love, for that is what you are”.

Chapter 6 I The Message of the Crucifixion
Lesson 196 It can be but myself I crucify

What is the central message the crucifixion intended to teach?
Explain how the correct perception of the crucifixion leads to an actual experience of resurrection?
Was the crucifixion a necessary experience jesus had to go through to fulfill his part as Savior of the world?
Explain how your beliefs are always translated in what it is you teach?

How do you make constructive use of Jesus’ experience?
What does a constructive use of the crucifixion experience teach you about your role and responsibility as a teacher?
How do you demonstrate your equality with him?
Are you asked/or required to go through a similar experience?

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"


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