I would like to invite you this week to look at two
articles that will give us a real nice feel and
understanding of the way in which the use of language
in A Course In Miracles(for both the written as well
as the spoken word)causes an illumination of the mind.
The function of beauty that expresses itself through,
in between and underneath the lines that you read or
speak is where our focus will be this week. We look at
the Rhythm of Reality.

We repeat certain patterns of grammatical structure to
undo the dense structure in which we contain
ourselves. Beauty and real freedom of the mind,
reveals itself beyond the form but not without using
the form in its fullest capacity.

So we look at prose and poetry from A Course In
Miracles, and look at the power of your choice to
start speaking the truth instead of uttering
grievances. We use Rhythm to loosen the tight chain of
conceptual thinking that is entirely habitual. We
break this chain through mere repetition. We read,
hear and speak these new revelatory ideas over and
over in order to remember and familiarize ourselves
again with the truth that we denied. Since our Reality
is spiritual we cannot maintain the dense "life-form"
called our body in which we attempt to be autonomous
and alone.

If we ask for the Light of Reality we will
find we start vibrating in a higher frequency. We
acquire faster rhythms of life and become joyful in
the extension of our new realisation that indeed we
are not dead bodies. We are activated in this bright
light of reality, are converting the lower frequencies
of guilt and fear and allow our bodies to take on
incorruption. We are loosing the stories we told
ourselves in prosaic ways and the make belief in which
we tried to hold on to the belief that we could
actually exist without knowing who we are. From these
irregular rhythmic patterns of human nature expressed
in the drama and comedy of prose we move into the
acceptance of Reality as it truly is, the way we truly
are. We express this certainty, this knowledge, this
unmovable clarity through poetry. In the recognition
of the harmonic substance of our relationship with the
universe, we have no choice except to be alive and
lively proclaim the beauties of the Real World. We
accelerate in our ascent towards the music of the
celestial and integrate this speed up when we bring
the light into inspiring and poetic, rhythmic means of
expression. We are here to carry the light and that
always means to embody that self-same light. We learn
more about the power of thought and the responsibility
we have for the thoughts we share with ourself when we
speak. We come to see the totality of what it is we
carry with us through our thoughts and in our minds
whether we believe these thoughts are private or not.
They are expressed whether you believe that you have
any control over your thoughts or not. They are either
contained within the body which will make you teach
anger, guilt, depression and unhappiness. Or you
accept this new pulsating activity of the universe in
which you are repeatedly undone of these meaningless
thoughts. Now you are teaching love through the
fearless act of releasing your inner light by exposing
these thoughts. You are always teaching. And what it
is you teach,you think you are. What it is you choose
is what your experience will be or become. Have fun
reading these articles that i posted on the blog and
in answering the questions from the assignment. Allow
this assignment to katalyse your experience of the
lucid nature in which we express the truth, the way
and the Life that you are.
With love and dedication Bastiaan

visit http://throughamirrorbrightly.com to learn more about
Ray Comeau's work and/or to order his book.


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