From Disaster to Gratitude
I am so grateful that i find myself exactly where it is I am. I was brought to a place within my own mind where everything and everyone reminds me and urges me to remember i have awakened from disaster. I can see that my previous life was filled with the panic that existed in my mind , the whole outlook upon myself and the people and the world around me. I am saved. With me stands my savior everywhere i look and everywhere i go. I can see there really isn't a middle or neutral ground to stand on concerning my uncompromising choice to share in dreams (my own or my brother's) or to choose and accept the Reality of God as my only true alternative. This place, this earth, this world is a disaster there is no doubt about that. The only question here is to what extent are you allowing the emotional devastation to occur within your own being. How clearly are you able to see that this dream is unfixable. Our problem was our attempts to recycle and reproduce everything in this world. Investing more and more meaning to the images we placed outside of ourselves and producing a story of isolation, physicality and limitation. It is time to wake up and therefore time to teach what has been given us to give. Thank you for your commitment to accept a real change within your memories and the way you conceive of yourself and the world alike. Bless you and good luck teaching "waking from disaster".


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