the target of my Grievance

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How willing are you to escape effects of all the dreams the world has ever had? Is it your wish to let no dream appear to be the cause of what it is you do? Then let us merely look upon the dream's beginning, for the part you see is but the second part, whose cause lies in the first. No one asleep and dreaming in the world remembers his attack upon himself. No one believes there really was a time when he knew nothing of a body, and could never have conceived this world as real. He would have seen at once that these ideas are one illusion, too ridiculous for anything but to be laughed away. How serious they now appear to be! And no one can remember when they would have met with laughter and with disbelief. We can remember this, if we but look directly at their cause. And we will see the grounds for laughter, not a cause for fear.

Personal Inventory (12-step program)
1.What are the kinds of things you hold grievances for?
Make a simple list of all the grievances you have with persons and things!

2.Write down for each grievance in what way you are affected by this person or thing!
What ideas do they reflect about what you are?

3.What part did you play in causing this conflict?
How are you responsible?

4.What do I get out of holding on to this grievance and these beliefs?

5. Am I now entirely willing to let the grievance go?

Workbook-Practice (A Course in Miracles)

A. Lesson 68. Love holds no grievances
Lesson 69. My grievances hide the light of the world from me

B. Lesson 72. Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation
Lesson 78. Let miracles replace all grievances

Through what process are you led you to relinquish all your grievance(s)?
Do you see any similarities or differences with the 12-step approach?

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life


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