Straight is the Gate
Welcome to your possibility to teach an immediate message of Salvation. This week I chose the most incredible and famous text sections out of A Course in Miracles. Each of them conveys to us the immediacy of Salvation. Salvation doesn't take time, it doesn't require a whole lot of effort and finally you can't go it alone. We are led to recognize an entire new way to perceive and work with time. Future and past are brought into the present in an all powerful moment of converting horizontal sequences and release them to the vertical alignment of our minds with the singularity of God's mind who thinks with us. We are told exactly what to do. And most importantly what not to do. Not as a command or a demand but only to save us all the time and effort that we previously wasted on trying to reach God with our human and mostly futile attempts. Further we are asked to invite our brother in and really join with him. We are asked to overcome the fear of exposing ourselves to our brother which brings about a reversal of our well-kept guilt and fear and our perceived inablity to communicate with him into an experience of true forgiveness and the infinite joy of sharing. Sounds pretty soft to you perhaps though it is the thing most feared and that is exactly where we are asked to go. Our burden is light. The world is burdened by our tendency to keep ourselves separate from and to resist the entire force of Universal mind.

The burden converts the moment we stop resisting and give in. Give in to the collapse of time and human effort. Give in to our brother who represent the desire and need of the whole universe to be at one with us and no longer separate. Heaven is being brought to earth. Behold i saw a new heaven and a new earth. I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. I am the Savior of this world because i bring my own inner conflict to the altar and ask it to be fused to singularity. The only peace possible is through the alignment of my own personal mind and to become immediate through the mindfulness in which i accept the Atonement for myself and become ruler of my universe. The meek shall inherit the earth since they represent this divine defenselessness in which they surrender the authority problem that we looked at last week and enter the narrow way and the straight gate that leads to life eternal.

I think you will really enjoy this week's assignment and i am sure you will have an experience of immediacy the way that i did after working with this material. This Course is impeccable and simply can't fail to give you the entirety of the freedom of your mind. Not to feel threatened by an evil outside world but to feel safe in the whole transformation of the world and yourself.

Love Bastiaan


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