the ROOT of all EVIL

The issue of authority is really a question of authorship. When you have an authority problem, it is always because you believe you are the author of yourself and project your delusion onto others. You then perceive the situation as one in which others are literally fighting you for your authorship. This is the fundamental error of all those who believe they have usurped the power of God.Being uncertain of your true Authorship, you believe that your creation was anonymous. This leaves you in a position where it sounds meaningful to believe that you created yourself. The dispute over authorship has left such uncertainty in your mind that it may even doubt whether you really exist at all.

Chapter 3 VI. Judgment and the Authority ProblemChapter
3 VIII. Creating versus the Self-Image
Lesson 72 Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation

Chapter 1V. Wholeness and Spirit
Chapter 4I. Right Teaching and Right Learning
Lesson 154 I am among the ministers of God

Chapter 4II. The Ego and False Autonomy
Chapter 28 II. Reversing Effect and Cause
Chapter 5 How It Works
( page 60 last paragraph “the first requirement...to page 63 paragraph 2 ...utterly to Him.”) out of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous posted below.

What is the root of all evil?
What myths or theories can you think of that illustrate and perhaps even justify this problem?How do I encounter or in better words “author” this in my day to day experience?
Through what action of mind do I perpetuate the problem?
How are you restored to your true Authorship?

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"


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