Intro to the Target of my Grievance
This week it was a very clear direction for me to teach the two impeccable programs i know that deal with the relinquishment of grievances in a very structured yet divine manner. This assignment is not about reading chapters and chapters of the most amazing spiritual expressions and its corresponding lessons that are dealing with the same theme. This week we practice and practice. Under spiritual leadership ofJesus Christ there is more required of us that to simply love those that already love us. We are asked to forgive our enemies so that we may come to understand the way in which our Father in Heaven loves us. We have read and taught a whole lot about forgiveness, healing, atonement, salvation but how is it really done?! How does forgiveness work in practice. How do I reach a genuine spiritual awakening and how can I help to bring this about. This assignment will show you that there are these two programs that without doubt and without any inconsistencies (except the ones you introduce) deal with adressing the target(s) of your grievance and the subsequent reversal of your thinking in regards to those persons, situations, institutions and disasters.The more you give to working these programs the more they will work you and work through you. It is simply never the way you think it is and it doesn't work the way you expect it to work. If it would, you wouldn't need a program and would be in a constant experience of the grace of God or be in the total denial of God without knowing or caring about it. So if there is just a hint of conflict in your day to day experience and you are willing to become free of this conflict, these limitations, this shame or this anger; you are ready to take certain steps and to follow specific instructions that are given you in these prorams and in this assignment. This week we bring together the 12-step program as it is practiced in Alcoholics Anonymous ( and other 12-step based recovery programs) with the mind-blowing program of our Course In Miracles. The 12-step programs recognize that grievances are at the root of all our human suffering and that to adress these grievances and to rid ourselves of our characters-defects we are made whole and home-free. Next thing we look at the workbooklessons of ACourse in Miracles that deal directly with getting rid of these evil doers, these rats in the basement that we have to catch before letting them out in the open air. So experience for yourself how both programs work. How they assist you in relinquishing these old ideas and perceptions you no longer want to manifest in your life. Then miracles will replace all of them, all this once, once and for all.Thank you for your participation, you are part of a new and efficient leadership. One that takes responsibility exactly there where it is given all power to take responsibility. For your own mind, heart and for all your subsequent perceptions and experiences.

I will attempt to include an audio talk I did on step four of the twelve step program in combination with A Course in Miracles. Feel free to listen and experience. Visit my blog at http://time-to-teach.blogspot.com/ and if you have a moment read my finished article on mind as the mechanism of decision/the necessity for mind-training, which is going to be published in our A Course inMiracles International Newsletter for september; due on monday the 19th of this month. http://newsletter.acimi.com/

With Love Bastiaan


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