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Root of all

Sounds pretty scary. And it can be for a moment when you look directly at your predicament. Did i make myself, did my brother make me, did God make me. Did i make both myself and my brother. Or did God create us both and assigned us our true function, our whole reason to exist here as messengers of His Higher Reign. Will i allow His governing thoughts to control me, to manage everything about my Life and what it is i need to give. That sounds like a dangerous direction to take. Only a matter of time though since what is already true waits only for your recognition and acceptance to become true for you. Why is the authority-problem the root of all evil? Why is it essential for me to look and admit to my arrogance to presume i can do better than my ownCreator. Because if it is all about me who would be better at knowing what is good for me than me, myself. All conflict arises from this disposition. What about this other guy then, did he make himself and is he trying to put everything in order to best serve himself. You can imagine what conflict that would cause and did. Because this is exactly what you have believed until know. So take the time and give this gift to yourself in order to truly understand you are better off having been wrong about this idea this cornerstone to your separate thought-system. Recognize how better off you are and how grateful the universe would be to let it be governed by a force, a power that knows what is best for all. Since he is the One that created everything unchangeable and unchanging out of theThought that transcends and encompasses everything and everyone in It you might as well let Him be in charge. Be grateful also to be able to share in the totality of everything created instead of feeling lonely, afraid, angry and to suffer from a lack true purpose. Be liberated from your sense of worthlessness that stemmed from having denied and therefore chose to not know your origin. Be released from the arrogance and your false humility and dare to step up in the light of true creation. We are getting to the root of all conflict and guilt here. To have usurped God's power and to have disowned His perfect creation has produced an enormous amount of guilt in you. Somewhere you believe you manipulated the whole universe in your attempt to fit it to your liking and scheme of things. Who were you fooling. Are you ready to let God be who he is and to take on your role long left unfulfilled.

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Love Bastiaan


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