Intro to a matter of MINDFULNESS
We are getting closer and closer to the direct and
uncompromising message from Jesus and his appearance
and presence to us through his words. His words that
ring eternally true and lift us out of our futile
human existence and all the laws and limitations we
thought we had to live by. This week we are shown the
true intent and the life altering effect that these
proclamations from our Savior can have in our minds
and hearts. Know ye not you must be borne again. And
this is how to do it. We reaffirm our dedication and
commitment to the world of God, the real world and
therefore lay up stores through the investment of the
power of our minds on God's Realm only. We are shown
on a very mundane manner how to come up to where God
wants your mind and has placed your mind. Through a
matter of Mindfulness we are given the doctrine to
follow in Jesus' footsteps. Narrow is the way that
leads to life. Only by following his commandments and
consistently applying them to every area of your life
without exceptions can you finally enter the gate
beyond which lie no more illusions and deceptions. So
we read from the New Testament this week. Matthew 5,6
and 7. We let it become completely contemporary and
subsequently look at one of the lessons out of our A
Course in Miracles in which we discover a continuing
assistance to make this Kingdom of Heaven, this
experience a real one. One we cannot fail to find if
we ask, knock and seek to find the truth only.
I posted the Aramaeic version of this part of the
Gospel of Matthew which is incredibly fresh and new.
On the time to teach blog you will also find the
teachers assignment called a Matter of Mindfulness.
Enjoy and take in as much as you can from this bread
of Life.
With Love and Dedication Bastiaan


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