The IMMEDIACY of Salvation

Salvation is immediate. Unless you so perceive it, you will be afraid of it, believing that the risk of loss is great between the time its purpose is made yours and its effects will come to you. In this form is the error still obscured that is the source of fear. Salvation would wipe out the space you see between you still, and let you instantly become as one.

A Chapter 18 IV The Little W illingness
Chapter 18 VII I Need do Nothing

B Chapter 26 VIII The Immediacy of Salvation
Chapter 26 IX For They Have Come

C Chapter 26 V The Little Hindrance
Chapter 28 I The Present Memory

Look up the original meaning of Salvation and its singular nature!

What beliefs regarding salvation and the ways in which we attempt to reach it are adressed in Jesus’ teaching of Immediacy?

How does the activity of the body and its function change through the realisation of the immediate nature of salvation?

Look honestly at your perceived need to prepare and purify yourself in order to receive Salvation! Does it work?

What does salvation really ask of you?

Through what means does this course aim to save you time?

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"


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