Practice in Perfection
Time to Teach

You may complain that this course is not sufficiently specific for you to understand and use. Yet perhaps you have not done what it specifically advocates. This is not a course in the play of ideas, but in their practical application. (Ch. 11 VIII p.5)

1. Choose one of the following lesson clusters and its accompanying text-section!
2. Before you do anything else write down what it is that motivates you to do or to resist practicing these first 50 mind-training lessons from the workbook of A Course in Miracles.
3. Next read your text section and allow it to give you further motivation and direction for doing these lessons.
4. Now start practicing your cluster of lessons the way they specifically instruct you to do them.

Lesson 1-6
Chapter 11 VIII The Problem and the Answer
Lesson 7-14
Chapter 31 IV The Real Alternative

Lesson 15-21
Chapter 21 II The Responsibility for Sight
Lesson 22-28
Chapter 12 V The Sane Curriculum

Lesson 29-34
Chapter 13 VII Attainment of the Real World

Lesson 35-41
Chapter 11 III From Darkness to Light

Lesson 42-50
Chapter 12 II The Way to Remember God

Share your experience of your initial motivation, how the text motivated you to do the lessons and what the result was of actually practicing the lessons.

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"


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