Introduction to attitudes and attributes
The inspiration for this week's assignment came to me last week. For this week's assignment I wanted to include Jesus' Sermon on the Mount which you can find in the New Testament
(Matthew chapter 5-7).

In the beginning of this Sermon he attempts to educate his chosen ones to incorporate a series of attitudes that will help them to understand and demonstrate not only brotherly love, but to go beyond and transcend this limitation to the experience of love. He expected more from his core group of followers and instructed and trained them to cultivate a fatherly love. To become perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. To love one another the way that I love you.
To literally enhance a number of particular attitudes and attributes in order for you to become a more effective vehicle of transmitting God's message of love and His godly qualities here on earth.

In A Course In Miracles a whole section is dedicated to describe these characteristics of a teacher of God, all of them founded on the necessary development of an infallible trust in God.

I added a certain workbooklesson to each characteristic of God. These lessons are designed to acquire and develop these deeper characteristics which as a teacher of god you are called upon to cultivate within yourself. Through direct experiences with the nature of God, and in your quest to represent His being in the flesh, you attain certain divine qualities that are reflected in your attitudes towards your brother and the world.

Here is where the rubber meets the road and you will recognize the need for personal change. You will have to become pro-active in the responsibily you accepted for the salvation of this world. Remember though that my yoke is easy and my burden is light. You only have to be willing and constant in your efforts and directed energies to let these programs to be downloaded onto your local disk drive drive and to let go of all fear, guilt and anger.This takes nothing less than a miracle.
Enjoy and let me know how teaching A Course In Miracles is going for you. Love Bastiaan

Below I posted a prayer lesson from A Course In Miracles, the introduction to the characteristics of God out of the manual for teachers of A Course in Miracles and an additional reading taken directly out of the Life and Teachings of Jesus from the Urantia book.

Than for newcomers an explanation of Time to Teach as a program of spiritual conversion.


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