Time to Teach assignment

A really exciting week. Looking at achieving the true fulfillment in your life by living the message as it is revealed to us through the mind of Jesus Christ. It is a real occurence that takes place in you. It is different in any regard than how you used to perceive your function here on earth. It becomes a really joyous one in the knowledge that you don't have to go out in order to assert yourself, but you are asked to turn deeper and deeper inwards and forgive the blocks, grievances, hidden corners and compacted memories that are stored up your my mind. It is your function to allow these to be brought to the surface, shined upon by the light and there to be released. The new world automatically appears as a result of your fullhearted acceptance of a genuine purpose and function for Jesus and God. Have fun. And thank you.

So find the teachingsheet below and chose a reading, look at the questions of the inquiry and have an experience of sharing your experience of being immersed in this teaching/and learning experience of the truth.
If you are new to this program, please read Time to Teach Teaching is a method of conversion posted further down this blog. Love Bastiaan


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