After last week's assignment and looking at being God's manifestation we learned and taught to become His ultimate expression here on earth through cultivating certain attitudes and attributes within ourselves. For this week we become more and more certain of our function by no longer cherishing the fears and the doubts that held us from experiencing ourselves in our fullest extension possible, while we abide in this place where we are not really at home. We look at the paradox of being certain in an uncertain place and time. The moment we know with a certain precision what we are we can no longer be located in a body and a space/time continuum that binds us and everyone with us. We become really free. If we were really from here the world would love us. But since we are not, we are the provision of love in this loveless place by means of our true connection with God and everything he has kept in store for us. For that we can be grateful and certain.


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