Intro to Practice in Perfection

Back to the crux of the curriculum. This is a required course. The Practice of the mind-training is crucial for the fulfillment of its purpose. A real exciting mind-training practice.
To honestly look at our motivation for doing a mind-training and undoing our old way of thinking and therefore of perceiving ourselves and the world as a result of this undoing. Nothing is more valuable to the mind that is ready to truly awaken from its state of being asleep. Nowhere in the Bible is there a reference to the Son of Man (Adam) waking up from his sleep. Well this is it. Nowhere left to hide, just dealing with your thoughts your ideas, beliefs, perceptions and experiences of people, places and things. Straight is the gate and narrow the way to pass through this transition of the replacement of our old thought-system by this new one. It is simple, consistent and all inclusive. I invite you to read a part of the introduction to the workbooklessons that i posted on the blog as Purpose and Practice. I also want to encourage you to use the teacher's assignment that is called "Practice inPerfection". I hope you have an impeccable, unforgettable experience. Please feel free to write your comments, experience or testimonies on the blogwhere you see comments.


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