Intro to MIND the mechanism of decision
We continue in our mind training and this week we will look at the crucial role that decision plays in the change of our minds and our whole outlook on life and the universe in its totality. Mind is the mechanism of decision and we are confronted once again with our complete responsibility for what it is we choose to experience and share with others. All power is given unto you on earth as well as in Heaven. What are you here to do? What are you here to fulfill? Are you in the application of a mind-mechanism that keeps this world real in its appearance of causing your suffering as well as your well-being or do you apply your mind to the mechanism of the miracle mind training that will help you loose your investment in suffering and grants you the power to decide for yourself, gives you the power to decide for what it is you really want, helps you to decide for God and everything that is Godly.
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Love Bastiaan


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